Tyres for Porsche cars

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Matter of replacing your Porsche tyres is not to be taken lightly. It’s a specialist job and requires years of experience, training and in-depth knowledge of Porsche’s capabilities.

For nearly a decade Tyreland has been supplying tyres to specialised Porsche dealers like Cameron Cars in Dublin, Porsche enthusiasts and private owners. Depending on the model of your Porsche, our team will advise you of best fitment tyres to match your driving style and the conditions of the road.

Tyreland’s specialist *N-rated Porsche tyre range covers summer, all-season, winter, low profile and run flat types of tyres. It includes different technical specification models that can vastly improve your car’s handling, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the driving experience.

Acting as official distributors of Pirelli, Michelin, Hankook and other well-known brands, we fit tyres that are coming directly from the manufacturers. Our in-house expert team can be contacted on 01 554 3919 daily and you can be sure of getting best quotes on Porsche tyres in Dublin.

For more information on Porsche tyres, simply call us on 01 860 20 20 or submit an online inquiry here.

*N rating is Porsche’s approved tyre marking. It means that the tyre is suitable for extremely high-performance driving.

Porsche Car in a tyre garage

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