Tyres for Kia cars

Kia Tyres

Your Kia tyres are the sole contact between your vehicle and the road and it is vital to maintain and replace them when necessary. Correct replacement tyres will keep your Kia performing to best of its abilities and vastly reduce your braking distance in case of emergency. Needless to say, it will also save you from €80 and 4 penalty point fine.

Fortunately, Tyreland is offering original factory fitted Kia tyres at an unbeatable value. Our range includes factory fitted brands like Hankook, as well as value replacement tyres. We know tyres and we can advise you of best ones to suit your driving style and annual mileage.

Tyreland Kia trained technicians are there to assist you with your tyre maintenance 7 days per week. Our staff can quickly inspect your tyres tread depth, sidewall condition and other wear and tear items or just simple tyre pressure check. Correctly inflated and maintained will last much longer and will also improve your car’s fuel efficiency and improve steering performance.

For more information on Kia tyres, simply call us on 01 860 20 20. Alternatively, you can submit an online inquiry here.

Tyreland stocking Kia tyres

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