Part Worn Tyre Safety & Testing

Part Worn Tyre Safety & Testing

Tyreland is the market leaders in part worn tyres in Ireland.


Part worn tyre safety testing for your peace of mind. Our stringent testing procedures have set new standards in the part worn tyre industry and we’ve recently become the first Irish retailer to invest in state of the art nondestructive tyre testing technology.

This technology is currently only used by new tyre manufacturers and scans each tyre individually much like an X-Ray. It’s easy to identify a tyre with visible damage but non-destructive testing is the only process whereby non-visible damage to the structure of a tyre can be assessed. Many second-hand tyres have been taken off for unknown reasons and their suitability for resale remains in doubt. As many as 30% of the tyres we test are unfit for use and will never to be fitted to another vehicle – if you are in the market for used tyres it is critical to establish how the tyres you’re about to buy were tested.


TyreSafe Quote


“One of TyreSafe’s primary concerns with part worn tyres relates to the internal structure of the tyre. Regulations require that part worn must be free from large cuts, bulges and lumps and must not have any of their plies or cords exposed. However, without a thorough examination of the internal components of the tyre using an x-ray machine, TyreSafe claims it is impossible to tell what unseen damage may have occurred.”

Tyresafe, 23rd March 2010