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Dating back to 1940’s, when run flat tyres were developed, they first served as bulletproof tyres on military vehicles during WWII. Ongoing research soon endorsed run flat tyres to become suitable for passenger cars. Porsche 959 was the first car that featured run flat tyres as factory fitment. It was soon followed by Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars.

Due to reinforced sidewalls, run flat tyres allows drivers to continue their journey after a sudden loss of pressure. While it is safe to continue driving, you must be sure not to exceed 80km/h speed limit or 80 km of total distance travelled. It also eliminates the need for the spare wheel.

Rule of thumb is, that cars fitted with run flat tyres are also equipped with TPMS. Tyre pressure monitoring system will notify you in a case of loss of pressure, as usual, tell-tale signs will not appear.

Run flat tyres should only be fitted at a specialist garage, using specials equipment and that’s where Tyreland comes in.

Tyreland is Ireland’s leading supplier of all BMW & Mini run flat tyres. We’re offering unbeatable prices on new run flat tyres, as well as an exclusive selection of x-ray tested part worn tyres.

Unlike other on-line retailers you don’t just press a button to buy – our expert sales team will advise you on the options available and ensure that you’re buying the right tyre for your car at the right price.

Most tyres are stocked in our North Dublin warehouse. Up on your request, they are dispatched immediately and delivered to Tyreland depot of your choice, where our technicians can fit them and give you a free wheel alignment check. If we don’t have your run flat tyre in stock we’ll do our best to get it for you.

For more information on run flat tyres, call us on 01 860 20 20. Alternatively, you can submit an online inquiry here. 

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