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Remould Tyres in Ireland

While at Tyreland we can supply remould tyres upon request, we find that the term is often miss-used.

Most of our Dublin customers are referring to part worn tyres by the name of remould or re-tread. Either way, whether you are looking for remould or part worn tyres, we have both available. All you have to do is inquire below.

Good manufacturing standard

Remoulded tyres are manufactured to the same standards as new tyres. You can expect them to perform just as well as any new economy/mid-range tyres. If you are maintaining them as recommended (correct tyre pressures, wheel alignment), remoulds last as long as new ones.

Remould Tyre
Car Mechanic holding a spanner

Remould tyre manufacturing

Remoulding or re-treading is the process where worn down tyre casing is re-manufactured and brand new tread is applied to it.

It is a very cost-effective measure successfully used in the truck, car, commercial and military tyre market. It is known that re-treading is approx. 30% cheaper than manufacturing new tyres. Therefore, military aircraft and industrial industries in the US are saving over 100 million USD per year by using remoulded tyres.

This process starts with carefully examining used tyre casing for visual and non-visual damage first. Only the solid casings make it through to re-treading stage while ex-puncture repair or damaged ones being scrapped.

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