Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli P Zero

18 inch tyre
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From: €96.00 inc. fitting & VAT.

Key Features

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  • “Inside Seal” for puncture control that covers 85% of potential puncture area.
  • Pirelli “Noise Canceling System” technology ensures most comfy driving experience.
  • “From track to the road” approach applied to ensure best possible handling at high speeds.
  • P Zero Range developed with most admired OEMs and it delivers performance that meets the highest expectations.
  • Top-level engineering – Pirelli employes 1,400 engineers.
  • Available in “Run-Flat” range.


If you came this far to read this article, then it means that your sports car is in need of new tyres. If that’s the case, then we are about to take the hassle out of this process and save you money in the meantime.

First of all, Pirelli P Zero is a high-performance tyre range, developed to meet the needs of world’s best performance cars. We recommend P Zero range to drivers who enjoy the sporty style of driving and appreciate excellent grip and low rolling noise.

P Zero range is being produced for 35 years to date. Throughout the years it has seen continued improvements and upgrades.  The latest edition is a pure market leader and serves well even for most demanding individuals.

Now the good news! We, Tyreland, deal directly with Pirelli wholesale division and offer the best value for Pirelli tyres in Dublin. Also, we have the knowledge to advise you of best fitment size, speed rating & load rating tyre for your car. For busy individuals,  we can even fit them at your workplace or home.

Although Pirelli is not a cheap tyre, it is undoubtedly worth extra investment.

To check the latest offers contact our team on 01 860 20 20 or use the live chat box for a swift response.

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  • 225 45 r17
  • 235 45 r17
  • 225 40 r18
  • 245 40 r19
  • 275 35 r19
  • 315 35 r20


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