Part Worn Van Tyres

Difference between Grade A and Grade B Part Worn tyres

We’ve The Largest Selection Of High-Quality Commercial-Van Tyres In Stock

Our quality assured part worn commercial tyres is an excellent cost-saving solution for van drivers. The range consists of nearly 6,000 premium quality used van tyres and covers most popular commercial vehicles in the country.

Our value guarantee is known brand tyres with minimum of 50% tread remaining. Most importantly, all of our part worn van tyres are roadworthy and DOE legal.

Robust Testing Process Of Tyres We’re Fitting

Buying part worn tyres from Tyreland has never been safer before. All of our tyres are X-Ray and pressure tested. This double testing will ensure the absence of visual and non-visual damage.

Customers are encouraged to examine the tyres in our inspection areas – we know we’ve got the best part worn tyres available and we want you to be confident in the tyres we fit onto your vehicle.

Mercedes benz Sprinter Van close up of wheel
tyre fitter standing in front of car tyre racks

Fitted by Expert Technicians

Once you’ve decided on your tyres you can relax in the comfort of our waiting area and watch our experienced technicians fit them using the latest equipment.

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