Original Equipment Tyres

Pirelli Original Equipment BMW Tyre

What is an OE/Original Equipment tyre?

In short, original equipment tyres are the ones that featured the new vehicle when it was leaving the factory. Car makers often set their requirement for the featured tyre to be, that is why they are usually manufactured to meet the needs of specific vehicles.


Selection Process For OE Tyres


There are some reasons why car makers choose one type of tyre over another one.

For example, hybrid and electric cars most likely to feature low rolling resistance tyres that keep the fuel consumption to a minimum. Michelin Energy Saver and Hankook Kinergy Eco are the two most commonly available energy efficient tyres in Ireland.

Luxury saloon makers are less likely to focus on fuel consumptions and prefer quiet and comfortable driving experience instead. Therefore sports cars will be equipped with the best handling tyres to suit high-speed manoeuvring.

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Should I choose OE tyres?

People are often confused if its necessary to replace your vehicle tyres with the original equipment ones. It is strictly your own choice, but there are few factors to consider first.

If you bought the car recently and replacing just the first set, you should ask yourself if you were happy with the performance of them. If yes, then that is your answer. If not, you should highlight the attributes that you would to improve and look at alternative tyre brands.

Tyre Size Markings
EU Tyre label

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Can I fit original equipment tyres on other cars?

While original equipment tyres are developed to enhance the performance of specific vehicles, they are suitable to be used on other cars too. There are no restrictions when it comes to using OE tyres on alternative vehicles.


Original equipment tyre markings


Here below we are outlining the most popular original equipment tyre markings:

  • Aston Martin = A2A, A4A, AM4, AM6, AM8, AM9, AML, AMP, AMR, AMS, AMV, AMX
  • Audi = AO
  • Audi Quatro = RO1, RO2, RO3
  • Alfa Romeo = AR
  • BMW = *
  • Jaguar = J
  • Land Rover = LR
  • Maserati = MGT
  • Mercedes Benz = MO, MO1
  • Mercedes Benz Run-Flat = MOE
  • Porsche = N0, N1….N6
  • Tesla = TO
  • Volvo = VOL
  • Volkswagen = VW


All of above markings are imprinted on the external sidewall of the tyre.