Mobile Fitting FAQs

Mobile Fitting FAQs

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Why should I choose Tyreland Mobile service?

Tyreland Mobile service allows you to save time and money by changing your tyres at your preferred location and time. You can book your tyres online or over the phone, and our experienced technicians will do the rest, allowing you to continue with your normal daily routine.

Is it expensive?

Not at all! It is only €2 per tyre when you’re buying 2 or more tyres of any brand. Alternatively, €20 + the tyre price for a single tyre callout.

Does Tyreland Mobile offer an emergency call-out service?

We do not offer an emergency call-out service.  All appointments must be pre-arranged in advance.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards, also cash payments on the spot.

Can I book a specific date and time for the job?

Yes, we will work around your schedule.

Is the there an additional fee for balancing, new valves, old tyre disposal, VAT etc. when using mobile service?

No, there are no additional fees.  All of our tyre prices are inclusive of fitting, balancing, new valves, disposal of old tyres & VAT.

Do you balance the wheels when new tyres are fitted?

Yes. All of our fleets are equipped with modern up to date tyre balancers.

What is the minimum amount of tyres I need to purchase to avail of Mobile Fitting?

Two tyres are the minimum purchase.

Do I need to prepare my car for the mobile fitting job?

You need to arrange the car keys to be available at agreed date & time. It can be done in person or leaving them at reception if at work.

Locking nuts Must be set out in the car where applicable.

A call-out charge €30.00 will be charged if the lock nut is not available when our technician arrives to fit your tyres

What area do you cover?

We cover the Dublin city and county area.

Is there a penalty for rescheduling?

There is no penalty if we are contacted 24hrs in advance.

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