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Grenlander brand is our latest addition to the house brand range, covering car, commercial and 4×4 range of tyres.

Three-Brand Family

The Grenlander brand is part of the three brands (Constancy, Grenlander, iLink) family produced by Yuelong Group.

 Yuelong Group was founded over 45 years ago in Shandong area, Cao county of China. Manufactured tyre range consists of high-performance, semi-steel radial car, van, 4×4 and truck and bus tyres.

EU Approved Standards

Ever since the manufacturing factory was upgraded at the cost of 5 billion RMB, it increased the capability of producing up to 25 million tyres each year. Grenlander tyres all approved with necessary European ECE, DOT, ISO, CCC and RoHS marks. Each tyre comes tested and rated for fuel efficiency, wet weather handling and rolling noise.

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