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Wide Range of Event Tyres

We are leading retailers of Event tyres in Ireland. Offering car, van and 4×4 tyre sizes.

Our advisors will evaluate your needs and gladly recommend the most suitable type of Event tyre for your vehicle.

Event Car Tyre

Dutch Quality & Lower Cost

Tyreland has been a proud retailer of the Event brand tyres for nearly a decade. 

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Event tyre company is a well-established player in the mid-range tyre market. The brand is praised for its extended durability combined with accurate handling capability.

tyre fitter standing in front of car tyre racks

Fitted by expert technicians at your preferred time

Once you’ve decided on your tyres you can book an appointment to get them fitted at a time that suits you.

Many of our branches are open 7 days a week. But if you prefer us to come to you, then you’ve got the option of our mobile tyre-fitting service. Our fully- equipped vans will have your Event Tyres on in no time at all.

Brands in Stock

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