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Dunlop Tyres

German Quality Standard

Dunlop is German tyre maker, that is known worldwide for high and ultra high-performance tyre brands. Functioning under Goodyear family, Dunlop benefits of state-of-art innovative approach brought by their parent company.

Track to Road Approach

Dunlop tyre brand is also famous for their impressive track record of achievements in the motorsport industry. Dunlop’s racing experience is their foundation behind its product development, which is manufactured to fit “from track to road” definition.

A Real Driver’s Choice

It is fair to say that 125 years of motorsport industry experience combined with pioneering innovation makes Dunlop a real stand-out driver’s tyre.

Dedicated to motor enthusiasts who share a passion for driving is Dunlop brand.

Finally, being originated in Belfast, Dunlop carries a piece of Irish history worldwide.

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