Constancy LY788 Tyre

Constancy LY788 Tyre

Constancy Tyre
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Starts From: €69.00 inc. fitting & VAT.

Key Features

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  • LY788 – Premium value SUV / 4×4 segment tyre.
  • Specific angle block design ensures lower rolling noise.
  • Chunky block pattern ensures on and off road capabilities.
  • Wider and deeper shoulder grooves reduces the heat.
  • Four grooves maximises water displacement.
  • Size range: 15” to 18” inch.


Exceptional Longevity

Constancy has been for decades known as one of the most innovative value tyre makers. Their tyres are praised for outstanding durability and brilliant handling on different surfaces. Additionally,  the LY788 pattern was developed with increased focus on mixed on-road and off-road performance.

Top Value For Money

Constancy brand is classed as a value range. Constancy tyres ensure that drivers are getting the best possible tyre at the most competitive price.

Ever since 2012, when Tyreland first introduced Constancy brand to Irish motorists, it became an instant success. Currently being fitted on Taxis, commercial fleet and rental cars, Constancy of one of the best selling all-time Tyreland tyre brands.

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  • 225 65 r17
  • 265 70 r16
  • 235 65 r17
  • 235 60 r18
  • 265 65 r17
  • 255 70 r16
  • 245 70 r16
  • 235 70 r16
  • 215 70 r16
  • 225 70 r16


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