Constancy LY688 Tyre

Constancy LY688 Tyre

Constancy Tyre
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Starts From: €55.00 inc. fitting & VAT.

Key Features

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  • LY688 – Premium value tyre, with extend focus on comfort and durability.
  • Reinforced deflection area to adopt the grid and increase safety.
  • Streamline tread pattern shape to increase comfort and high speed handling.
  • Cross shaped tread grooves to improve water displacement.
  • Ventilation step holes to reduce the rolling noise.
  • Size range: 14” to 17” inch.


Authorized Retailer

Tyreland is an official factory certified distributor of Constancy tyres in Ireland. We can assure our customers of getting only recently manufactured tyres that are coming directly from the plant.

Better Longevity

Constancy has been for decades known as one of the most innovative value tyre makers. Their tyres are praised for exceptional durability and brilliant handling on different surfaces.

Better Value Tyre

Classed as value range, these tyres ensure that drivers are getting the best possible tyre at the most competitive price.

Ever since 2012, when Tyreland first introduced Constancy brand to Irish motorists, it became an instant success. Currently being fitted on Taxis, commercial fleet and rental cars, Constancy of one of the best selling all-time Tyreland tyre brands.

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  • 185 60 r14
  • 205 55 r16
  • 185 65 r14
  • 185 65 r15
  • 195 65 r15
  • 195 55 r16
  • 215 55 r17
  • 205 60 r16
  • 195 60 r15
  • 205 65 r15
  • 185 60 r15


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