Budget Tyres

Buying budget tyres from Tyreland will ensure that you are getting only carefully chosen, best value product. Over the last number of years, Tyreland played a significant role in introducing premium quality budget tyres to Dublin and Meath markets. Our purchasing team carried intensive research on budget brands, looking at factors such as safety, handling, wear and reputation of the company. Based on these factors we have chosen a small number of brands that offers a piece of mind to our customers.

Keith Duffy’s involvement in Tyreland keeps our company constantly looking for best possible budget tyres for our customers.

Tyreland’s  budget – economy tyre guarantee:

  • At least C or better rated wet braking. (All brands are rated A to G)
  • EU approved markings
  • Excellent value for money
  • Access to wide range of sizes


For more information or to book your tyres in advance please call our sales advisors on 01 554 3919, email info@tyreland.ie, or submit enquiries HERE.

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Tyreland customer favourite and best selling budget tyres brand is Constancy.

Constancy is long a standing Asian premium budget tyre manufacturer. The company was established over 45 years ago in Shandong area, Cao county. Constancy range consists of high-performance semi-steel radial car, van, 4×4 and truck tyres. Rubber plant has seen a massive investment of 5 billion RMB and now the plant is capable of producing 25 million tyres each year. Constancy tyres come with all of necessary ECE, DOT, ISO, CCC and RoHS marking. Each tyre is individually graded for fuel efficiency, wet weather handling and rolling noise.

Constancy first touched down in Ireland Tyreland in late 2012, and since then it has been Tyrelands best selling premium economy brand Tyre. These tyres will take you that extra mile with the peace of mind that you are driving on a top quality, safe tyre.

Budget tyres are among the 15,000 new tyres that we have available.

Constancy tyre Certificates

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