4×4 Tyres

Why choose us?

First of all, we hire only industry’s most dedicated guys. So, we are always toe to toe with latest technology trends. Our passion for what we do is what makes us different from our competitors. As a result, we are top pick for 4×4 tyres in the country.

Best value 4×4 tyres

As we are working directly with most of major tyre brands, we can offer you cheapest prices about. Plus, we are carrying constant price checks and making sure that we are best priced. Besides, direct supply guarantees highest quality of tyres and factory warranty to our customers.

Ordering 4×4 tyres

As the result of so many different 4×4 tyres available, it could be hard to make a good choice for non-industry person. That’s why a phone call to one of our advisors is really well worth making. It could save you time and money. Our guys will ensure that you are getting correct tyres at best value.

For more info, or to get a quote, simply give us a call on 01 860 20 20. Alternatively, you can fill the inquiries box here.

4x4 Tyres Jeep 4 wheel

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