19 Inch Tyres

Porsche alloy wheel and tyre

19 Inch Tyres

We provide 19 inch tyres in numerous sizes and brand names. Our scope covers premium, quality and economy segments. Upon demand, we can also source part worn 19 inch tyres. 

We’ve got 19 inch tyres to fit most makes of cars as well as heavy 4x4s and commercial vehicles.

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Variety of Sizes

19 inch tyres are frequently fitted on many modern cars, including Nissan Qashqai, Mazda 6, Mercedes E class and others.

4×4’s and SUV’s are generally equipped with 19 inch tyres likewise. Most common ones are Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Mercedes ML, Nissan X Trail and numerous other ones.

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Line of tyres
Tyre size markings

19 Inch Tyres Explained

19 inch tyre size represents the rim dimension only, for which the tyre is proper. To define the full tyre size, we need to know two more figures.

As an example, let’s look at a standard 19 inch tyre size – 255 35 19.

255 represents the width of the tyre. It is measured in millimetres (mm). Tyre width is an important measure as it can change how grippy or economic the tyre is.

35 describes your sidewall height. This amount is a percentage of the width of the tyres. In this case, the sidewall is 35% of 255mm.

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