16 Inch Tyres

16 inch car tyre

16 Inch Tyres

At Tyreland we offer a large-scale range of 16 inch tyres. You can pick from new and part worn tyres of numerous of the world’s leading manufacturers.

We’ve got 16 inch tyres to fit most makes of car as well as heavy 4x4s and commercial vehicles.

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Variety of Sizes

16 inch diameter tyres are regularly used on VW Golf, Toyota Avensis, BMW 3 series and many other cars.

Additionally, 16’s are available for commercial vehicles like Mercedes Sprinter, Renault Traffic, 4×4’s like Nissan Qashqai and various other automobiles.

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Tyre size markings
EU map with superimposed EU tyre label

16 Inch Tyres Explained

Tyre dimensions are typically covered in three sets of numbers combined. Let’s take a simplified 16 inch tyre size as an example: 205 55 16.

205 represents the width of the tyre. It is measured in millimetres (mm). Tyre width is an important measure as it can change how grippy or economic the tyre is.

55 describes your sidewall height. This amount is a percentage of the width of the tyres. In this case, the sidewall is 65% of 205mm.

16 – Is the diameter, which is covered in inches. It tells what size rim this tyre is suitable for.

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